Being new to a sport often means you have a lot of questions and probably misconceptions.

You could ask the people around you, but they probably have the same questions as you and almost certainly the same misconceptions.

Being embarrassed or hesitant to ask those questions will definitely delay your progress.

Even though I have a long list of topics for this video series, I would like to feel that the content is driven by what the viewers want and what the viewers need.

So if you have never played sports before and are considering it and have got some questions, then please ask them in the comments on the video page.

If you have just started playing and are not sure about some particular aspect of the game, then leave a comment and ask a question and if you've come from another sport and have got some preconceptions and misconceptions, again, just leave the question in the comments and I will do my best to answer it as quickly as concisely and as clearly as possible.

Don't worry if English is not your native language, I'm sure I will understand what you're asking.

If the question is suitable, I will make a video about that topic. Obviously, I don't guarantee that I'll make a video about every single question asked, because that's just not possible.

Remember, there are no silly questions!

If you're fairly new to squash, please consider subscribing to my channel and click on the bell so you get notified when I release new lessons and videos.

And welcome to the squash community, you're going to have a lot of fun!

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